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5 Startup Costs for Small Businesses You Should Remember by Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius

The cost of business startups can increase quickly. Eric Dalius says you need to invest in raw material, software, equipment, office space, payroll, and much more. Additionally, you’ll also have to pay for other expenses such as marketing costs, permits, or any kind of legal fees.

Unfortunately, many business owners start to plan their business without considering the startup costs. This is one of the main reasons behind the failure of a business. 

If you don’t plan the finance of your business at the beginning, then you’ll risk the future of your business. In this article, we’ll talk about 5 startup costs that can make your business successful.

Research Expenses Eric Dalius

Before launching your business, you should research the market as well as the industry. Most startups or entrepreneurs skip this step, which makes them incapable to perform their ideas. If you want to avoid this, then try to hire a market research firm that can help you in the assessment process. However, hiring them mean you have to pay the necessary fees, so include this startup cost in your budget list.

Equipment Costs

Eric Dalius thinks that most new businesses require good equipment at the beginning. The cost of the equipment depends highly on the industry especially if you have to provide employees with individual equipment.

Fortunately, there are equipments financing options that can give you equipment loans. If you’re worried that you’re unable to purchase the necessary equipment to start your business then you should apply for equipment financing. This is undoubtedly one of the most important startup costs.

Office Space Costs

No matter where you buy or rent an office space, it’ll always be pretty much expensive. For this reason, most of the small business owners, in the beginning, operate the business from their house.

If you’re thinking about a long-term lease, then you have to pay appropriate money depending on the office space and its location. Additionally, you have to bear other operational costs. Even if you don’t have enough money to purchase a space, you can take a lease. However, you have to negotiate, buy relevant furniture, and design the whole layout before using the space.

Advertisement Costs

When you launch your new business, you have to promote your services or products. For example, you might consider investing in online PPC advertising, banners, printed ads, business cards, and brochures.

If you don’t invest in the advertisement, you’ll be unable to boost your business. Eric Dalius suggests using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to advertise your services and products. In this way, you can promote your business for free until you start generating revenues or sales.

Website Costs

In the modern technology-based generation, focusing on the online presence of a startup is the first crucial step a business owner should take. The interaction between your customers and your business depends highly on your website. Due to this reason, you must have an attractive and professional website that is mobile-friendly and user-friendly. Make sure that the website can provide the customer with valuable information such as products, services, opening hours, and most importantly contact information.


These are the 5 startup costs you should never forget when starting a new business. Remember, before launching your own business, you should have clean thoughts about your services or products, how much money you should invest, or the potential obstacles you might face. Calculate the amount of money you need to start your business. And in the final stage, develop a solid business plan to stay organized.